Education/Event Programs

Educational Programs

Art Courses for Adults

This one-year art theory/practical skill course covers current trends in the domestic and international art world, profiles of prominent artists, and fine art techniques.

Art Course for Children

This course offered during school holidays is designed to help kindergarten and lower-grade elementary school children develop creativity and imagination while looking at works of art and engaging in drawing and painting.


Seminars are offered to the public to promote a better understanding of art, featuring presentations by well-known artists and critics from Korea and abroad, as well as opportunities to engage in creating art.

Artist Talks

The public is encouraged to develop their capacity to understand and appreciate art as renowned artists give in-depth talks about their work and creative process.

Cultural Events

The Mobile Museum

Three to four times a year, from September to November, BMA organizes 10-day events held in community centers across Busan.

Art Contest for Students

The spring/fall event for elementary, middle and high students is designed to help young people enhance their artistic capabilities, and foster interest and passion in art.