About BMA


BMA picture
With its building evocative of ocean waves,
the Busan Museum of Art (BMA), which opened in 1998,
presents a visualization of Busan’s distinct character.

In step with Busan’s vision of becoming an international tourism city and a maritime capital of not only Korea but the entire world, BMA has looked back on the past 20 years to plan for its next 20 years, and is putting that plan into action. Its key goals are: to improve the art museum’s environment as well as prepare for the future through renovation responsive to the changing behavior of the audience and expectations for art museums; to establish a smart museum that transcends time and space by implementing a digital network system; and to reinforce BMA’s identity by fully leveraging the diverse infrastructure of Busan.

All of this signifies that BMA is committed to bringing professionalism and popular appeal to museum activities like exhibitions, collections, education, and cultural events, and to positioning itself as a cultural hub that leads “glo-cal” culture” as well as a citizen-centered platform for culture and art that is integrated into residents’ lives. Through such endeavors, BMA seeks to be reborn as “an art museum of the 21st century connecting people and embodying values,” with art as a vehicle to interweave “Timeless sustainability,” “experiences exceeding expectations,” and “relationships transcending boundaries.”

Vision and Strategy