이우환공간 전경
Space Lee Ufan, an annex to the BMA, is a space offering a sense of the totality of the work of Lee Ufan, a world-renowned contemporary artist and theorist.

Here, visitors can appreciate the essence of his work from the 1960s to the present. This is the second museum bearing his name, adding upon the Lee Ufan Museum in Naoshima, Japan. Lee was directly involved in the creation of Space Lee Ufan, from site selection to the basic architectural design of the building to the design of the space. He visited the site during construction, delving into every design detail, including the building height and spatial configuration, as well its design elements from finishing materials to lighting to fixtures, offering impassioned input on the meticulous installation of each and every piece of his work.
Lee Ufan once remarked, “Because the space itself can be appreciated as a work of art, Space Lee Ufan has a different and distinct quality that sets it apart from other art spaces.” Space Lee Ufan reflects the artist’s desire to highlight at once both the building itself as a work of art and the artworks within in it, in a way that does not favor one over the other.

On the first floor of the building are installed representative sculptural works by Lee, including “Relatum – Narrow Gate” and "Relatum – Thing & Language,” while the second floor displays 13 works, including his quintessential paintings featuring points and lines, among them “From Line,” “From Point,” and “With Winds.”