Background of the Space

From the basic conceptual ideas behind the building to the works on display, Lee Ufan has made a concentrated effort to present the Space itself as a work of art.
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The Busan Metropolitan Government initiated the establishment of an art museum devoted to internationally acclaimed artist Lee Ufan. After initially declining the offer a few times, he ended up accepting in light of the city’s persistent resolve and his own bond with Busan, having spent his middle school years there. Donating 20 of his works, he entered an agreement with the municipal government in July 2013 to construct “Space Lee Ufan.”

In selecting the site for the museum, Lee opted for the courtyard of the BMA rather than the previously discussed option of Busan Citizens Park, then took an active role in the basic design of the space. After a five-year project driven by the passion of the master and the eager expectations of the people of Busan, Space Lee Ufan officially opened on April 10, 2015 as the first museum in Korea to bear his name, and the second in the world.